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Tamás T. DEZSŐ

Software Engineer · IN Services Senior Expert · Photographer
dezso.t.tamas@gmail.com    xsnpdngv    t-dezso

Professional Interest

  • Microwave & Mobile Telecommunications Networks
  • Object Oriented Technologies
  • System Programming


1996 - 2001
Budapest University of Technology and Economics
M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering

  • Major in Microwave Telecommunications · Minor in Applied Informatics
  • Thesis: Implementation of Network, Transport and Session Level Protocols of an Embedded WAP Server
  • Scientific Students’ Conference, 1st prize: Server Side Round-Trip Delay Measurement in WAP Environment

2004 - 2006
Fotografus.hu Foundational Photo School
Autonomous Photography

  • Exam Project: Abandoned Objects in Their Original Surroundings

Employment History

2021 -
Telenor Hungary
IN Services Senior Expert

2017 - 2021
Ericsson Hungary, Ericsson Sweden
Senior Developer

  • MINI-LINK 6600 Split mount shorthaul modular packet radio :: Processor board protection
  • MINI-LINK 6352 All outdoor shorthaul E-band packet radio :: Equipment protection

2001 - 2017
Telenor Hungary
IN Services Expert

  • Core member of the Intelligent Network (IN) Platform Development Group
  • Responsible for design and creation of call-control and packet switched mobile services
  • Main tasks included business requirement analysis, technology research, system planning, specification, design discussion, implementation, testing, peer code review and vendor cooperation
  • Participated in building and improving Telenor’s in-house developed IN Platform to provide value-added services like prepaid calling, virtual private networking, premium rate services and real-time GPRS charging
  • Designed and developed a graph based Online Rating Engine to determine charging information for voice calls and data traffic
  • Specificated and implemented a concurrent Billing Flow Controller framework along with component logics for subscriber and service guiding, rating and balance handling
  • Accomplished the IN Provisioning thread within the BSS Swap project including database re-design, interface specification, implementation, test automation and integration
  • Supported the Revenue Assurance Program by technical specifications and case investigations regarding prepaid voice calls and GPRS data traffic
  • Designed and programmed a Preprocessing Macro Compiler library for efficient conditional text message generation
  • Developed a SOAP Gateway for submitting automatic SMS notifications on balance and service activation related events
  • Implemented a subset of SNMP to integrate proprietary systems into Network Management
  • Led in test automation methodology and introduced a versioning system friendly technical documentation standard and toolset


Random Group of Contemporary Photographers

Association of Hungarian Photographers

Studio of Young Photographers (FFS)


  • Pictures and Pixels, Art Hall (Műcsarnok), Budapest, 2016
  • Random Experiment, Random Gallery, Budapest, 2015
  • Photo Espana / OpenPHoto, Cultural Universidad Abierta UCLM., Cuenca, 2010
  • Modernización, Festival Europes, Nau Ivanow, Barcelona, 2010
  • XVII. Hungarian Press Photo Exhibition, Hungarian National Museum, Budapest, 2009
  • Refresh / Image Defect, FFS Exhibition, ArtBázis, Budapest, 2009
  • Regardez-moi – I’m back!, L’espace Immanence, Paris, 2009
  • Einen Schritt weiter, Galerie Treppenhaus, Erlangen, 2009
  • 10+1 Fotografus.hu Jubilee Exhibition, Millenáris Teátrum Piros-Fekete Gallery, Budapest, 2009
  • Spring +Art, Erdész Gallery & Design, Szentendre, 2009
  • Refresh / Map, FFS Exhibition, ArtBázis, Budapest, 2009
  • A Step Beyond, Month of Photography - Dialogue, VAM Design Center, Budapest, 2008
  • Refresh / Living Space, FFS Exhibition, ArtBázis, Budapest, 2008
  • Lumix Digital Photo Exhibition, Millenáris Fogadó, Budapest, 2008
  • inFusion, Exhibition of New Members of FFS, Boulevard & Brezsnyev Gallery, Budapest, 2008
  • Refresh / Still Life, FFS Exhibition, ArtBázis, Budapest, 2008
  • Fotóporta International Portfolio Review, FFS Exhibition, Gödör Club, Budapest, 2008
  • May Day (Solo), Budapest Cultural Center, 2007
  • Chachipe, Decade of Roma Inclusion Exhibition, OSA Galeria Centralis, Budapest, 2007
  • Question of Viewpoint, Exhibition of OKM’s Grant Holders, MetroGallery, Budapest, 2007
  • Photo Biennal Dunaújváros, Bartók Theatre and House of Arts, Dunaújváros, 2007
  • Hungarian Press Photo Exhibition, Hungarian National Museum, Budapest, 2007
  • Still Scenes, f22.hu Photo Gallery, 2006
  • Month of Visual Arts, Budapest Cultural Center, 2006
  • International Photo Exhibition, Nis, Serbia, 2006
  • Photography Biennal Esztergom, Castle Museum of Hungarian National Museum, Esztergom, 2006
  • Hungarian Press Photo Exhibition, Palace of Arts Budapest, 2006
  • International Photo Exhibition, Nis, Serbia and Montenegro, 2005
  • International Photo Exhibition, Hungarian Institute for Culture, Budapest, 2005
  • Lumix Digital Photo Exhibition, Hungarian Museum of Ethnography, Budapest, 2005
  • Month of Visual Arts, Budapest Cultural Center, 2005
  • Dialogue, Raiffeisen Photo Exhibition, Palace of Arts Budapest, 2005


  • André Kertész Grand Prize, Hungarian Press Photo Contest, 2009
  • Special Prize, Lumix Digital Photo Contest, 2008
  • 1st Prize, Pannon Work Life Balance Photo Contest, 2008
  • József Pécsi Fine Art Photography Grant, 2007
  • 1st Prize, Month of Visual Arts, 2007


  • Pixels and Pictures, Photographic Art and Beyond, National Salon, 2016
  • Progresszív Útkeresések / Progressive Pathfindings - Studio of Young Photographers 1977-2012
  • Refresh / Still Life - Living Space - Map - Image Defect, Studio of Young Photographers, 2009
  • Regardez-moi – I’m back!, 2009
  • Az Év Fotói 2008, Viva Média Holding, 2009
  • 10+1, Fotografus.hu Foundation for Hungarian Photography, 2009
  • Az Év Fotói 2007, Viva Média Holding, 2008
  • Photobiennal Dunaújváros, Fotografus.hu Foundation for Hungarian Photography, 2007
  • Az Év Fotói 2006, Viva Média Holding, 2007
  • Az Év Fotói 2005, Viva Média Holding, 2006