Block | Budapest, 2008

Blocks of flats (blocks) are high-rise apartment buildings made of prefabricated reinforced concrete elements. In Hungary, approximately 788.000 such flats were built to reduce postwar housing shortage and to slash costs by employing uniform design. These flats still house over two million people, one-fifth of the country’s population. In most blocks, there are more than a hundred flats with the same design, size and layout. Only the residents and their home interiors make the difference between them - but from the outside, these blocks all look the same. Standing in one’s window and paying a lot of attention to the block in front, the diversity and individuality of the residents can slowly be portrayed even without seeing their faces.


  • 2009 XXVII. Hungarian Press Photo Contest, André Kertész Grand Prize for the best antropocentric documentary photographic series
  • 2008 Lumix Digital Photo Contest, special prize


  • 2010 Photo Espana / OpenPHoto, Cultural Universidad Abierta UCLM., Cuenca (E)
  • 2010 Modernización, Festival Europes, Nau Ivanow, Barcelona (E)
  • 2009 XVII. Hungarian Press Photo Exhibition, Hungarian National Museum, Budapest (H)
  • 2009 Einen Schritt weiter, Galerie Treppenhaus, Erlangen (D)
  • 2008 A Step Beyond, FFS exhibition, Month of Photography, VAM Design Center, Budapest (H)
  • 2008 Refresh / Living Space, FFS Exhibition, ArtBázis, Budapest (H)
PHoto Espana,, 2010
PHoto Espana, Cuenca, 2010
Nau Ivanow, Barcelona, 2010
VAM Design Center, Budapest, 2008