Found Things

Found Things | 2006

Lost things and abandoned objects on public places can be interesting not only from the point of view of who and why does not need or miss them. This series approaches found things from the question of visual interference and harmony with the original environment where they were found, how they fade into or stand out from those.


  • 2008 Refresh / Still Life, FFS exhibition, ArtBázis, Budapest (H)
  • 2007 Question of Viewpoint, Exhibition of OKM’s grant holders, MetroGallery, Budapest (H)
  • 2007 Dunaújvaros Photo Biennal, Bartók Theatre and House of Arts, Dunaújváros (H)
  • 2007 Solo Exhibition, Budapest Cultural Center (H)
Bartók Theatre and House of Arts, Dunaújváros, 2007