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GNU C Reference Manual html pdf
SGI Standard Template Library Documentation
BogoToBogo C++ Home


C++ Quiz
C Questions & Answers
C++ Questions & Answers
BME Aut C Példatár
BME Aut C++ Példatár


GNU Coding Standards html pdf
Google C++ Style Guide
ISOCPP C++ Core Guidelines
Microsoft Guideline Support Library
C++ Optimization Strategies and Techniques


GNU C Library html pdf
GNU Portability Library html pdf
GNU C++ Library
LLVM C++ Standard Library html src
Boost C++ Library


Git Book
GNU Compiler Collection man
Make man html pdf
Autoconf html pdf
Automake html pdf
Libtool html pdf
M4 Macro Processor man html pdf
Flex - Fast Lexer Generator html pdf
Bison - Parser Generator html pdf
Flex & Bison - O’Reilly Book pdf
AutoFSM - Finite State Machine Generator

LLVM Clang Compiler
Clang Static Analyser
Ericsson Codechecker @GitHub
cmocka - Unit Testing Framework for C
LCOV - Code Coverage Report Fronted
Valgrind - Instrumentation Framework man howto
Callgrind - Call Graph Generator
KCachegrind - Call Graph Viewer


Object Oriented Design Principles
Design Patterns Refcardz pdf
Design Patterns Introduction
Modeling Languages
Microsoft UML Reference
Practical UML Hands-On
OOP in C


Learning the Korn Shell - O’Reilly CD Book
Bash Reference Manual man html pdf
Bash Cheat Sheet
Sed - Stream Editor man html pdf
Awk - Text Processor man html pdf
Sed & Awk - O’Reilly CD Book
Lua 5.3 man
Moonscript man
Python 2 3
Node.js man


Vim notes
Vim Cheat Sheet based on ProVim
Vim Awesome Plugin Collection
Vim Casts - Essential Vim Skills
Vimscript Cheat Sheet
Learn Vimscript the Hard Way
Google Vimscript Style Guide
Vim C++ Enhanced Syntax Highlight
Own .vimrc on GitHub


LaTeX cheat-sheet quick-ref ref-man
Sharelatex - Creating a Document in LaTeX
Markdown Syntax Reference
Doxygen - Documentation from Source Code
Pandoc - Universal Document Converter
Reveal.js - HTML Presentation Framework
Graphviz - Graph Visualization Software
RDG - Railroad Diagram Generator
yEd - Graph Editor
D3.js - Data Driven Documents


Hashicorp Vagrant
C++ Embedded Systems Programming
Circuit Basics - Raspberry Pi
Build Yourself a Linux
Linux Device Drivers