Proved Presence

Proved Presence | 2004-5

The definite relation between reality and a photograph is usually quite problematic, however as something appears on a picture, it becomes credible. People take huge number of photos on themes that have already been photographed in a more ambitious way and these high standard, postcard-like pictures can simply be downloaded from the internet. Being aware of this, somebody can be led to take his own pictures on the grounds of justifying or visualizing his relation to the theme or his presence. The purpose of the photographs in my series are however different, as they do not visualize the presence of the photographer, but the instantaneous coexistence of strange optical situations that can be seen only from one particular point of view. The negatives of these pictures as light-imprints of single exposures prove their genuinness against digital imitation, yet these photographs seem to be unrealistic.


  • 2006 Budapest Month of Visual Arts, 1st prize
  • 2006 NIS 2006 (Serbia), honorable mention